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Change of name Public Notice Ads

What is a "change of name"? It is a document that says that you have changed your existing birth name from Mr. A.B.C to Mr. X.Y.Z. But that's not so easy. It needs to be certified by the concerned authorities (the govt.). If there were no procedures involved, everyone would go about changing their name, everyday. There would be so much of confusing and chaos. It would be impossible to remember people by name. Therefore, to avoid all these confusion and criminal activities, there is a standard procedure in place set by the govt. You can change your name officially and take on a new name, by just following the procedures.

A notary will assist you with you change of name. You will have to fill in a form, Give the reason for the change of name. Reasons can be anything, but you should specify your reason. For example, marriage. This is for women, after marriage. Then, people do a change of name for astrological or numerological reasons too. If you are doing it for this reason, then mention it. Similarly, there can be Changes made to Date of births too.

A change of name ad is done as part of the procedures involved, and is a legal necessity. However, the reason for change for name change may vary from person to person. For publishing a change of name in the newspaper, you will need to provide the photocopy(Xerox) of an Affidavit or a Gazette .These are the documents that legally certify your change of name, as per the government rules and requirements.

The, change of name procedure, takes about 2 to 6 weeks of time. Only once the legal procedure is completed, you can proceed to publish the "name change ad" .Placing the ad in the newspaper takes just another 2 days at the most. Your name change ad will be published in the 2 newspapers. This again, is as per the rules laid down by the govt. We will work out the best affordable deal for you.

A change of name advertisement in a newspaper may look like this, in general.

I have changed my name from Smriti Thakur to Smita Thakur as per Maharashtra Gazette No. (X-111000)

A Change in Date of Birth advertisement in a newspaper may look like this, in general.

I, Mr. Ghanshyamlal yadav have changed my date of birth from 10/07/1984 to 20/07/1984 vide Maharashtra affidavit, Dated 31/01/2013

We help you with placing your "change of name" ad in all the National and Local newspapers across the country. We also have various formats ready to suit your choice of ads. We give you a one stop solution right here.

For complete solution to your change of name; from getting the documents made, to placing the ad, you can call us on +91 9821254000 / 9821061330 & 022-67707001/ 67707002 / 67707003 or email us on

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