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Legal Public Notice Ads

In general, a notice deals with information that a person knows or should have known. In the case of a Legal Notice, The receiver is obliged (as per the law of the land) to reply to the same. Hence, it's a Legal notice. This notice is essential to start off a due process. Without a notice, a court may rule a pleading defective. Legal Notice are facts that a court or Administration may take into as an evidence because it is a piece of information that a court deems that an individual should have known. For all these reasons and much more, it becomes a "Legal Notice". When a legal notice is published in a newspaper, it then becomes a Legal Notice ad.

Legal notices are sent in cases pertaining to civil, criminal, Family, labor, Business, property, intellectual rights, taxation and so on. Legal notices are sent by the advocates who represent an individual. It is the same in the case of sending a reply as well. This is because, the matter has to be understood and analyzed as to where the law has been broken into. As per the demands of a case, sometimes a lawyer may advice you to publish a legal Notice advertisement in the Newspaper. This however is part of the formalities involved. It can't be avoided.

Legal Notice ads most importantly are placed under the following circumstances:

While issuing summons:

If you have obtained a summon order against a person in a civil/criminal case, and if you would like to send it across to the person, You can do so by publishing it in a leading newspaper. This is a provising in the law.

While placing court notices:

This too is as in accordance with the provisions within the law, wherein you can send a Court notice to someone, by placing an advertisement about the same in a leading newspaper.

To take note of a court order/recommendations:

A notice(Order or recommendation made passed by a court of law ) can be advertised in a leading newspaper to make it known to the parties, or to whomsoever concerned.

While negotiating to purchase or sell a property:

This is a required formality done as per the advice of the lawyer. It may or not be necessary as always. This is because all cases do not fall under the same complication.

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The above ad is a public notice ad given by a reputed organization. The organization is informing the general public and creating awareness about some wrong doings being done by someone, that is affecting their overall business. It is advising the people about some negative advertisements that are doing the rounds in the market, defaming them.

This public notice ad is being placed by the company's legal advisors, as mentioned below, in the ad.

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